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Family owned and operated on one simple principle - Treat others as we would want to be treated.

Since 1999, the Holscher Family has been serving Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. We are a family that has a long-standing tradition of providing high-quality home improvement services.

At Holscher Sealcoating, our philosophy is to treat you as we would want to be treated. Our team shares a common vision to provide our residential and commercial customers with legendary customer service that will be remembered. We won't be satisfied with anything less!

Our goal is not to simply make a quick buck. We aim to treat others as we would want to be treated, to give our best and go the extra mile, and to always provide a top-quality sealcoating or asphalt repair job. Our goals are the same as yours.

We offer an extensive collection of asphalt maintenance services, asphalt repair services, and of course a high-quality sealcoating service. We will do our best to use our expertise to save you money and preserve your existing asphalt in the best ways we know how.

At Holscher Sealcoating, we want your repeat business and we are confident that the way way to get it is to apply the Golden Rule to our work. Every step of our process is backed by our Quality Guarantee. We stand behind our work whether your asphalt is in need of a simple sealcoating or you have a parking lot that needs extensive repairs.

We look forward to giving you a free estimate and meeting you soon!